Subnets, Broadcast Packets, and VPN's

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Subnets, Broadcast Packets, and VPN's

Postby cinnaraisnbagel » Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:57 am

I have an interesting thought experiment that I'm really not sure of the answer to.

At my current workplace we have a pretty good sized network with a central campus and about 10 off sites that connect via VPN. We have been having problems with slowness at a lot of these off site locations especially the larger ones and even issues here on our main campus with traffic and congestion and dropped packets.

Currently our main campus all runs on 10.10.X.X with a subnet and our off site locations run on networks such as 10.12.X.X and 10.20.X.X but they are use the same subnet. I was recently thinking about problems and how we might be able to ease some of the issues that we are having and actually subnetting out different parts of our network was something that I suggested that might help. One thing that I was wondering about is...since any broadcast packet goes out to all devices on a subnet will they also traverse a VPN? Normally a router would stop that but since the packets are being encrypted and directed over a VPN between sites the router doesn't see whats insides the packets or frames etc. just that it needs to pass them along. Is this correct or am I missing something?
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