Forum Rules - Read This First...

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Forum Rules - Read This First...

Postby aaronbalchunas » Sun Mar 27, 2011 11:29 am

Thank you for visiting my website and this forum. I hope the materials you have found here are both educational and valuable.

This forum is intended for discussions related to guides and labs on If you have questions about specific material, please ask! Or, if I made a mistake in a guide somewhere, please point it out! But stay on topic and be polite.

The following will be considered unacceptable, and grounds for deletion and possible banning:

1. Flaming, trolling, spamming. Standard forum etiquette applies.

2. Posting any questions/answers from an actual certification exam. This site is not a braindump, nor will it ever be. If you want to discuss something you saw on a certification exam, then paraphrase your question to foster a technical discussion, and not "What is the answer to X?"

3. Posting any questions/answers from a braindump testing site, like Testking. Again, paraphrase your question or start a technical discussion (see above).

4. Excessive whining or begging for information/answers. Be respectful of everyone's time, and remember that many answers are a mere Google search away.

Debate is openly encouraged, just don't be belligerent. The goal is to educate, not eviscerate.

Stay frosty,

- Aaron
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