Software Defined Networking

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Software Defined Networking

Postby Vishwajeet » Fri Feb 26, 2016 11:05 am

Hi Aaron,
First of all, thank you for posting such a useful site.
I have went through few of the topics and found them really beneficial to clear my concepts.

Ok, coming back to SDN.
Let me introduce myself,
I am a Computer Engineer, CCNA certified and CCNP route and MPLS trained.
I have experience of about 3.5 years in networking mostly impementation and t-shooting
I keep hearing this SDN thing which is futuristic and can prove very advantageous for future if we study it right now.
I am confused of whether to go with it as I have a bit of command over Python and good knowledge of Networking.
Could you please help me out and brief about it in a bit?

-Vishwajeet Thakur :?
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