Port-Channel Load Balancing issue between Router & Switch

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Port-Channel Load Balancing issue between Router & Switch

Postby Arunsundararaj » Fri May 20, 2016 2:07 am

Dear Team,

We are using port-channel between Switch (4948E) and Router (7606). 4-physical ports are configured in port-channel early, the port-channel traffic was shared all 4-physical ports. No issue came that time. The traffic sharing % is,

Router-Switch Cisco 7606 Gi5/1 52%
Router-Switch Cisco 7606 Gi5/6 47%
Router-Switch Cisco 7606 Gi6/1 43%
Router-Switch Cisco 7606 Gi5/3 48%

And now removed one physical port from port-channel, the port-channel traffic is not properly shared the remaining 3-physical ports and also using port-channel load balancing command (port-channel load-balance src-dst-ip) but still we are facing same issue.

Router-Switch Cisco 7606 Gi5/1 71%
Router-Switch Cisco 7606 Gi5/6 77%
Router-Switch Cisco 7606 Gi6/1 50%

Please give me solution for this problem.
Thanks & Regards
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