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Postby plemerise » Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:15 pm

My goal is to seperate my virtual lan from my home network.
I am trying to install a virtual router on my ESXi box that has my lan on one switch and Virtual router on another. I have a physical router connected to my ISP using DHCP for hy home computers. I am having trouble with setting up the virtual router to route the internet to my virtual LAN.
I have set router 1 (my hardware router) with DHCP and two reservations, one for my ESXi box and one for the virtual routers external nic.
I have set up the virtual routers external nic with the assigned address subnet mask and gateway.
The second nic on the virtual router is set to a different network for my lan
I am a noob with routing so I am asking for a diagram or help with setting up this configuration if possible or maybe some suggestions or a different solution.
Thank you
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