Load Balancing in MPLS Router

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Load Balancing in MPLS Router

Postby Arunsundararaj » Thu Sep 24, 2015 1:50 am

Dear Sir,
Please find the below observations. Kindly help me to find solution for load balancing issue.
1. In MPLS Router, there are 5 STM-6 media and normally the traffic is sharing by all media.
2. In case of any one media goes down in MPLS Router; the particular traffic is not sharing by remaining all media, instead only ISP-3 media utilization becomes high that time.
3. Our End using SUP32 (not supporting hierarchal service policies) card, But other End using ES20 card.
4. Both side interfaces are configured with OSPF cost value 2 for all media. OSPF configuration is Point to Point.
5. Pinging WAN IP with source IP and Packet Size 1600, we are getting following latency in all media.

Router 7606 ISP-1 4/5/60 ms
Router 7606 ISP-2 4/5/60 ms
Router 7606 ISP-3 4/7/24 ms
Router 7606 ISP-4 4/4/44 ms
Router 7606 ISP-5 4/4/28 ms
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