- Copyrights and Revision Numbers -

Copyright Information: The site contains a multitude of labs and guides related to routing, switching, and security. This material is free to use and distribute, under two conditions:

1. My name and copyright information must remain on every document (I am not without an ego).

2. No document can be sold or altered without my written permission.

The information contained in these guides/labs was compiled from a variety of sources - online documentation, technical manuals, books, and my own personal experience - and then re-written in my own words. I have tried my best to cite references whenever I have relied heavily on other material. Any infringement on other copyrights is purely unintentional.

There are mistakes in this material. I am still evolving as a routing geek. Please use this material at your own risk. Any advice, criticism, or corrections would be greatly appreciated: aaron@routeralley.com

Revision Numbers: The guides and labs on this site are continuously changing, as I add content and correct numerous mistakes. I have included a revision number (and a date) to each guide/lab, so you can be sure you have the latest material.

Revision numbers will be formatted as follows: x.yz

1. The "x" indicates a major revision (such as a complete rewriting of a guide, or a new guide)

2. The "y" indicates a minor revision (correction of grievous technical mistakes, addition of a new section)

3. The "z" indicates a slight revision (correction of spelling or grammatical mistakes)

All guides/labs uploaded before 5/6/06 will be given a revision number of 1.00, and then incremented from there. If you previously downloaded or printed a guide/lab, and it does not contain a revision number, you should immediately download the updated version.